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A Case Study in Sand Management

Through a phased investigation both onshore and offshore, the sand management team were tasked with identifying the root cause of sand production and predominant sand producing wells. While identifying the root cause, the team were to provide recommendations on how to manage the sand going forward and implement the respective improvement plan.

Remote Management Success Story

By using multiple sensing arrays tied into IT Infrastructure to enable office based management and reporting we saved bed space offshore, and reduced the cost of offshore personnel during a long project. Instant data, fast response and alarming for operational events were all still available along with accurate decision making capability.

Frac Ops - Tight Gas Field

Sensing and analytics packages integrated seamlessly for remote access and results visualisation.

We delivered a comprehensive service platform integrating cutting edge instrument technology and software capability to collect, connect and integrate data for our client. This resulted in increased uptime and operational efficiency.

Data Visibility

We analyse integrated data using SMART software to provide award-winning visualisation, reporting and understanding – creating a truly interactive, immersive experience.

Data Visibility See The Bigger Picture

Data Visibility

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