Andrew Kinsler and Ali Moncur

Formed in 2004 by three directors, two of whom, Andrew Kinsler and Ali Moncur, head up the company today, SMS fulfilled the market’s need for a new flexible approach to sand monitoring.

The company was founded in Aberdeen and we are still headquartered in Scotland with regional hubs in Abu Dhabi and KL, Malaysia as well as on-going operations in West Africa and the Middle East.

Building on our strong sand monitoring reputation, we expanded our suite of products and services to include Sand Management and the monitoring of Erosion, Corrosion, Wall Thickness, Hydrate Inhibitor and H2S.

Through the development of SMS SMART Software and SMS Visibility we have transformed the way sensing data is interpreted. By integrating the data from all your sensors into one interactive visualisation suite we provide you with an easily accessible, big picture view of your asset for faster, more informed decisions.

We Solve Problems by Sharing Ideas

Clients’ needs are met because we are experts at taking on the challenge of unusual problems and finding practical and innovative solutions.

  • Experienced & Focused

    Experienced & Focused

    We are driven by building relationships, using our consultancy experience to help clients make informed decisions. Our team of trusted experts, with a strong heritage in the oil and gas industry delivers independent, bespoke advice on the best sensing solutions for each unique client project. By using our expertise to grow our services across related product areas we put our clients’ needs at the heart of our business.

  • Smart & Agile

    Smart & Agile

    We combine real-time data from dynamic sensory technology with analysis by knowledgeable industry experts. The result is faster, better decision making to maximise competitive advantage for our clients. Our flexible and innovative approach lets us respond quickly to client problems, onshore and offshore.

  • Innovative & Interactive

    Innovative & Interactive

    We are passionate about using technology to develop innovations that add value for our clients. From being pioneers in the sand monitoring sector our R&D culture has enabled us to develop into experts in data visualisation, using award winning software developed by our in–house team. Our data is gathered in real time, delivering better results and minimising risk and presented in a simple, interactive format to facilitate interpretation.

  • Performance & Results Driven

    Performance & Results Driven

    We provide bespoke technology solutions modelled around specific client objectives and requirements. Better data, gathered faster supports more informed decision making. Our fully integrated data creation, data gathering and data analysis process results in minimising risk, increasing efficiency and optimising productivity.


Our dynamic technology redefines how sensory information is realised, combining state-of-the-art hardware, intelligent realtime data and secure global connectivity.

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We analyse integrated data using SMART software to provide award-winning visualisation, reporting and understanding – creating a truly interactive, immersive experience.

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We exceed expectation, provide trusted insight and make a genuine difference to our clients’ operational performance – supporting informed decision-making and maximising value.

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Data Visibility

We analyse integrated data using SMART software to provide award-winning visualisation, reporting and understanding – creating a truly interactive, immersive experience.

Data Visibility See The Bigger Picture

Data Visibility