Real Time H2S Monitoring of an HPHT well during a staged DST Campaign

The global exploration for oil and gas includes a growing number of Sour Fields. H2S is a colourless gas that is highly corrosive and flammable, one breath can be lethal at concentrations as low as 100ppm.             

Location:             United Arab Emirates    

The Client:          Middle East Operator    

Challenge / Summary:

Reduced Risk - The challenge was to reduce the risk to personnel from both potentially harmful gas exposure and utilising breathing apparatus in ambient temperatures above 40°c

Dynamic Data – Data was to be available real-time to the client onsite-offshore and onshore to allow dynamic decision making.


SMS mobilised and installed their Real-time Inline H2S Monitoring System, via existing sampling points, with the system setup as a closed loop, minimising potentially lethal gas emissions. Upto 50% H2S concentration can be measured without the need for personnel to be tasked with taking samples.


SMS successfully conducted the first-ever topside H2S real-time monitoring during a multiple DST programme in harsh conditions in UAE, monitoring H2S levels of upto 6%, without the need for personnel to take manual samples onsite. Throughout all phases of the operation, continuous H2S readings of gas stream were taken and the results made available onsite, remotely and via the well test acquisition system.

Value to Client:

Reduced Risk to Personnel          

  • Reduced risk from potential exposure to harmful gases
  • Reduced risk to personnel using breathing apparatus in ambient temperatures above 40°c

Reduced Manpower Costs

  • Reduced requirement for personnel to be tasked with taking samples

Real-time data

  • Increased speed at which data is available, allowing dynamic decision making


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