SMS Data Visibility

Redefining the way sensing data is interpreted, combining state-of-the-art hardware and data visualisation software to create a truly interactive and immersive experience.

Data Acquisition, Analysis and Visualisation

This innovative software collects, connects and integrates data.

It combines accessible sensing information with interactive asset visualisation to deliver results-driven decision making for operational success.

Our SMART Software acquires the data from multiple sensors to give you real-time information. The data is then presented via our SMS Visibility online interactive reporting system to enable you to view your report anywhere in the world. Analyse and interpret your data quickly and easily, using 3D imagery of sensor locations and a graphical interface that you can control and direct with ease for maximum clarity.

Better Decisions, Faster

By bringing together the data from all your sensors in one interactive representation of the activity in your asset, we let you see the bigger picture, make better decisions and safely maximise production.

SMS SMART Software - Data Acquisition

SMS SMART Software collects and correlates the data from multiple sensors. By integrating with your own systems it provides you with a complete picture of what is happening, enabling faster and more accurate decision making.

SMS SMART Reporting - SMS Visibility

SMS Visibility transforms the way decisions are made by gathering all your sensor data together in an interactive data visualisation experience. You can see exactly what has happened and interpret it quickly to improve decision making and planning.

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