Malaysian Matters and Why Malaysia Matters for SMS

Addy Yusop / May 2, 2017

It has indeed been a journey in SE Asia.  A journey of learning, understanding and investing in Malaysia. Opportunity brought us to Malaysia but it’s strategic position, market potential and talent capability that makes Malaysia the natural choice for SMS’s SE Asia hub. 

Let’s take a step back in time to 2012 and the opportunity that good fortune (or rather capability) bestowed upon SMS.  An International Oil Company was plagued with the consequences of sand production to its asset infrastructure and production capability – typical issues our clients face -  deferred production, integrity threats combined with extended shut downs to deal with sand build up in the process plant.   We took the challenge on to develop and provide a self-sustaining framework of techniques – to support and deliver holistic sand management in partnership with our client.  Was this a success? Well there’s been many challenges and changes since 2012: an oil industry crisis the likes of which has not been seen in twenty years, a change in ownership along with key contacts yet throughout this has been a commitment to doing what’s right and investing in long-lasting working relationships. 

Fast forward to the present day and SMS has grown our roots in the region….as our professional advisors like to say; we are no longer trading with the country we are trading in the country!  There are many steps in this process towards creating a regional business hub.  From setting up a local entity, gaining SWEC codes, office infrastructure, setting up our supply chain and investing in Malaysian engineering talent.  These are tasks completed as part of our long-term investment plans!

From our office in Menara Maxis at the heart of KL we are planning ahead; there are many jobs to be done and challenges to complete.  These are exciting times and we embrace the opportunity to create value for not only our clients but also the local communities we work with. 

In short, these are our Malaysian matters and the reasons why Malaysia matters to SMS.  Strategic geographical position, market potential and established contracts with IOC’s and NOC’s along with developing local capability. 

Our aim is to deliver operational success for our clients through innovative approaches to integrated sensing technology, software that connects and visualisation that realises results – this is how we create long term value to our client’s operational success.  We’ll look forward to being part of your SE Asia success story!

Addy Yusop

Addy Yusop

Regional Business Development Manager