Ice can form in gas wells which are operating at high pressure in low temperatures. Expensive inhibitors are needed to avoid the build up of these hydrates which can cause dangerous blockages. However, inhibitors tend to be overused as quantities are calculated based on the worst case scenario, rather than actual conditions. One-off measurements cannot take into account fluctuations in temperature or pressure changes.

Safely Reducing Inhibitor Use

With our measurement software, we can make accurate calculations based on actual operating conditions. We can therefore tell you, for each well, at any point in time, how much inhibitor is needed to avoid the risk of hydrates forming.

You will know exactly how much inhibitor is needed to keep production on track and will be able to reduce the amount of inhibitor used when it is safe to do so.

Reducing the levels of inhibitor use will:

  • save money on expensive inhibitors
  • reduce chemical waste
  • increase efficiency
  • improve your knowledge of well conditions

Monitoring and Checking

Our unique service allows you to monitor the effectiveness of the inhibitor you are using and make adjustments accordingly. The equipment regularly monitors and checks the levels of inhibitor and uses predictive software and advanced formulae to provide you with the information you need. The assumptions are verified by the input of actual measurement data.

By having up-to-date, accurate data, operators can save millions of dollars.



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